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V42 Idrive Backup (mig)

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Video and Pics

Backup Set

Install for NAS from





From Computer:

IDrive is able to backup 470 GB files in 2 hours.

From NAS:


Under Scheduler


A backup set is a collection of files/folders on your device, which are considered for online backup. You can create five backup sets and schedule automatic backups for them at intervals defined by you.

To create a new backup set,

  1. From the Backup tab, click Create new Backup set.(Can be created only with NAS)
  2. Enter the backup set name. The name can include letters, numbers, space and specific characters(.-_).
  3. Select the files or folders you want to include in this set for backup.

On Desktop

Incremental Backup 

IDrive automatically recognizes when files change.
it does not backup files that got backuped already.

[Start Time: 24/03/2021 04:57:36]
[End Time: 24/03/2021 05:00:03]
[Files considered for backup: 35409]
[Files already present in your account: 35409]
[Files backed up now: 0, Size: 0.00 B]


Adding some more backup files:

[Start Time: 7/04/2021 08:54:53]
[End Time: 7/04/2021 11:07:47]
[Files considered for backup: 178570]
[Files already present in your account: 173610]
[Files backed up now: 4960, Size: 89.40 GB]




Schedule Backup

NAS backups get scheduled into IDrive.

Current Schedule is Sunday to Monday night, because Syn412 got backuped on Sunday.
Details on the Hyperbackup page




Scheduled Backup IDrive


Download from here

Code: 692255666



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