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RankUP  Project Description



Dream Constellation for any Co-Founder

I as main founder can provide funding for base salary for the co-founder from Day 1

I have the product in the area of WordPress/SEO/SEM

Additional ideas always welcome

I got the base IT team.

Background Information

Pitch Deck 

Mailpoet Campaign that explains the product

How do we work?

The co-founder will apply the Founders’ Institute way to startup 

The main founder will provide daily input. Weekend’s additional longer sessions.

Employment Conditions :

Option to acquire 40% of the company with a bigger liquidity event (investor buying shares)

Base salary of 3500 CHF

10% percentage of revenue

Product Status:
Product can soon go to market for detailed validation.

Remote work preferred.

I only fund this product, not any other product, Exception: Very big synergies with this product.

Co-founders has good knowledge in SEO/SEM

Co-founder has good knowledge in WordPress

Ready to learn in the Startup Process. First experience would be ideal.

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