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M83 Video Editing

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Video and Pics
—- Videos —-

M47 Merge Videos with Avidemux Portable 20191016

—- Tasks

Start program

Go to File –> Open

Navigate to the video which you are going to use as opening

Path: G:\drive!Latest Sprint

For our case is: “Remote Desktop Explorer Not Responding part1 0 to 1.32”

Once you open the correct video

Go to File –> Append

And navigate to the next video which you want to be right after the opening video

Append video: “Remote Desktop Explorer Not Responding Part2 04.20 to end”

So, before merging the videos, you have to decide

Which video comes one after that

Once you are done with the merging

Click on File –> Save

Navigate to location in which you want to save the video (merged videos)

Name of the merged videos: “Remote Desktop Explorer Not Responding Merged”
Add an item


Split Video with Avedemux

Avidemux is a graphical tool to edit videos. It can open AVI, openDML, MPEG, Nuppelvideo, and BMPs. Most common codecs are supported (M-JPEG, MPEG, DivX, Xvid, huffyuv, WMA, etc.) thanks to libavcodec and libmpeg2. Video can be edited, cut, appended, filtered (resize/crop/denoise), and re-encoded to either AVI (MPEG4/MJPEG) or MPEG 1/2. The Spidermonkey Javascript engine is used to give powerful scripting capabilities.

To split a file or a section of a file do the following:

  1. Open and select the file you want to split (File / Open).
  2. Then, with the bar below, select the point where we want to start our video and clicking on the letter A using icon  ( or press ) and mark point B  ( or press ) where you want to end (cut) your video.
  3. Finally from the menu select File / Save / Save Video


Split Video

Video Editing in IceCream


Step1: Open video

If it is a new video –> just edit it from the program list.

Edit Video from Video List
Edit Video from Video List

- Click to enlarge

Step2:  Edit button
Edit with the edit button.

Solution Same Name IceCream File
Solution Same Name IceCream File

- Click to enlarge

Step3:Start and End Points
Define start and end points on the video

Video Editing Start Time
M46 Video Editing Start Time

- Click to enlarge

Step4: Save the cut video(s)

Video Got Saved with IceCream
Video Got Saved with IceCream

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Verify the cut video(s); check whether they work.


Delete the original video.

Original Video Can Be Deleted
Original Video Can Be Deleted

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Video Link to Trello card

Video Summary: Empty

Video combining

Input: 2 videos

Out: 1 video



Quality Issues

Problem with video quality after editing

Video Quality was not good for the cut and the original video

Sound problem:

When playing the video.

Possible Reason: Teamviewer interference

Action: Send to IceCream via

Editing Renamed Files

Cannot edit video file when file has been renamed.

When you have modified the filename,

IceCream Opening an Existing Video
IceCream Opening an Existing Video

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Rename it again, so that one video name from the ICE Cream list is used.

Rename File According IceCream List
Rename File According IceCream List

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