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Responsive Design solutions

1 – Change the whole template


We can introduce a new template similar to sahifa. it will be responsive, modern and with a lot of features. We will have freedom to make changes easily.



It will have a lot of features, which we will not use and this will make our template slower. We will need to disable, which is a programing time. We will need to start over the whole process. But we must do that one day. Our website looks old.


About 40hours will be needed to setup the new template and have working version for uploading.


2 – Adaptive version, Remove WP Touch



We will keep Graphene template and we will only imporove it. It will save us time and we will have a working problem fast.



It will be a working problem for a short period of time. After that we will need something modern for SNBCHF.com



About 20 hours will be needed to make adaptive version of Graphene.

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Problem with menu on doc site

Fixed with php and javascript


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Problem with menu

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