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PRIV Мa14 Sync Mail Objects

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Sync Table


Accounts Saved Search Tag Message Filters
Stored on Server
attributes of account
may be synched
Harry CH
Search: Bike Hi: Bike CH Bike (from,to) TAG


Search: Eka Kino Hi: Eka Kino Harry CH Eka Kino (from,to) TAG
Search: Exsila Ricardo Hi: Exsila Ricardo CH  Ricardo Exsila (from, to) TAG

CH Exsila Ricardo (subject) TAG

Search: Flat Hi: Flat [email protected] Flat (from,to) TAG

[email protected] Flat (subject) TAG

Search: IET Important Hi: IET Important [email protected] IET Important (from,to) TAG
Search: IET Offers Hi: IET Offers [email protected] IET Offers (from,to,subject) TAG
Search: Insurance Hi: Insurance [email protected] Insurance (from,to) TAG

[email protected] Insurance (subject) TAG

Search: Job Offers Hi: Job Offers [email protected] Job Offers (from, to) TAG

[email protected] Jobs (Subject) TAG

Search: Tax Law Hi: Tax Law [email protected] Tax Law (from, to) TAG

[email protected] Tax Law (Subject) TAG

Search: UBS CS UBS CS [email protected] UBS CS (from,to) TAG
Search: Wechselstube Hi: Wechselstube [email protected] wechselstube (from,to) TAG
gmail george
Search: Airbnb Gmai;: Airbnb g@Gmail Airbnb (from,to) TAG
Search: Audible Gmail: Audible g@Gmail Audible (from,to) TAG
Search: CH Germans Blogs Gmail: CHF Germans Blogs g@Gmail Blogs dt. (from,to) TAG
Search: GARP Gmail: GARP g@Gamil GARP (From,to) TAG
Search: Invoices 2016 Gmail: Invoices 2016
Search: Newspaper Gmail: Newspaper G@gmail Newspaper (from,to) TAG
Search: Software Hardware Promotion Gmail: Software Hardware Promotion
Search: XING & Cash Gmail: XING & Cash g@Gmail Xing&Cash (from,to) TAG
Search: Aboutme Dor: Aboutme Dorgan@snb Aboutme (from,to) TAG
Search: Blogs Dor: Blogs Dorgan@snb Blogs (from,to) TAG
Search: Communication Dor: Communication
Search: Fintech Dor: Fintech Dorgan@snb Fintech (from,to) TAG
Search: LIberals CH Dor: Liberals CH Dorgan@snb Liberals CH (from,to) TAG
Search: Meetup Dor: Meetup Dorgan@snb Meetup (from,to) TAG
Search: Minimalists Dor: Minimalists Dorgan@snb Minimalist (from,to) TAG
Search: Paperli Dor: Paperli Dorgan@snb paper.li (from,to) TAG
Search: Pirates Dor: Pirates Dorgan@snb Pirates (from,to) TAG
Search: Seeking Alpha Dor: Seeking Alpha Dorgan@snb seeking (from,to) TAG
Search: SNBCHF Old NL Dor: SNBCHF Old NL Dorgan@snb SNBCHF Old NL (from,subject) TAG
Search: Social Dor: Social Dorgan@snb Social (from,to) TAG
George E-ll
Search: Team E-ll: Team  G@e-llu Team Best (from,to) TAG
Search: Clients E-ll: Clients
Search: Cron E-ll: Cron
E-ll: Domains g@e-llu Domains (from,to) TAG
Search: Important Services E-ll: Important Services G@e-llu Important Services (from,to) TAG
Search: Invoices 2012 – 2015 E-ll: Invoices 2012 – 2015
Search: Less Important Services E-ll: Less Important Services G@e-llu Less Important Services (from,to) TAG
Search: Startup E-ll: Startup G@e-llu Startup (from,to) TAG
Search: Vimeo E-ll: Vimeo G@e-llu Vimeo (from,to) TAG
Harry (Normal)
Search: Amazon Harry: Amazon Harry Amazon aws (from,to) ALL TAG

Harry Amazon(subject) TAG

Search: Apple Harry: Apple Harry Apple (from,to) TAG
Search: Bank Harry: Bank Harry Bank (from,to) TAG
Search: Car Harry: Car Harry Car (from,to) TAG

Harry Car (subject) TAG

Search: Contauro Targit Harry: Contauro Targit Harry Contauro Targit (from,to) TAG
Search: Ebay & Purchase Harry: Ebay & Purchase Harry Ebay & Purchase (from,to) TAG

Harry Ebay & Purchase (incl subject) TAG

Search: Family Harry: Family Harry Family (from,to) TAG
Search: Flight Travel Harry: Flight Travel Harry Flight&Travel (from,to) TAG

Harry Flight Travel (subject) TAG

Search: Friends Harry: Friends Harry Friends (from,to) TAG
Search: Google Harry: Google Harry Google (from,to) TAG
Search: Invoice Harry: Invoice Harry Invoice (subject) TAG
Search: Kat History Harry: Kat History Harry Kat History (from,to) TAG
Search: Linkedin Harry: Linkedin Harry linkedin (from,to) TAG
Search: Own Archive Harry: Own Archive Harry Archive Kindle (from,to) TAG

Harry Archive Dbox to Dbox (from,to) AND TAG

Harry Archive Dorgan to Dorgan (from,to) AND TAG

Harry Archivie geoorgge to Gdorgan (from,to) AND TAG

Harry Archive Georg.Morgen Geoorgge (from,to) AND TAG

Harry Archive Directbox to geoorgge (from,to) AND TAG

Harry Archive geoorgge to geoorgge Myself (from,to) AND TAG

Search: Paypal Harry: Paypal Harry Paypal (from,to) TAG
Search: Promotion & IT Harry: Promotion Harry Promotion1 (from,to) TAG /

Harry Promotion2 (from,to) TAG

Search: Registration Harry: Registration Harry Registration (Subject) TAG
Search: Russ Harry: Russ Harry Russ (subject) TAG
Search: Telephone Harry: Telephone Harry Telephone (from,to,subject) TAG
Search: Transport Harry: Transport Harry Transport (incl. subject,from,to) TAG



Video and Pics

Folder, Saved Search, Tags, Filters in Sync



  • (Physical) folder
  • Saved Search
  • Tags,
  • Message Filters (sometimes two rules)

must be in sync.

This means that for each folder, tags, etc there is an equivalent.

in the sync table above


This video explains the synchronization of

  • the folders,
  • search folders,
  • tags,
  • message filters.

Filter Corrections

Change Mail Recipient

  • Gmail Tag —> mails should be to gmail
  • Dorgan Tags –> Mails to Dorgan as recipent
  • Audible not possible –> many accounts

Sync at mail level


Tags and Location must be in sync


As part of the regular tasks you must move the mails into folders. when they have a tag. This means that tag and location (the mail folder) are in sync.



Tags and Location Must be in Sync
Tags and Location in Sync

In this example tag and location (mail folder) are not in sync - Click to enlarge

Tags Location Must be in sync


The video that shows how mails and location  must in sync.

Move mails with tags in the folder for the tag.

Move mails with empty tags into Inbox.

Do not do anymore

Sync Mail do not do anymore for Location

Physical Folders not Sync any more

We are not Syncing anymore Tag and Location of the folders. We are using Year Based Folders.

Physical Folders not Sync any more
Physical Folders not Sync any more

- Click to enlarge

How to Sync: Old

A) For each folder / Saved Search over all accounts

Consistency check and corrections

  1. Little number mails: : e.g. only 10 mails in a saved search folder, solve problems with saved search
  2. Duplicated mails –> Run Remove Duplicated Mails
  3. Duplicated Tag–> Directly untag them (cannot search with Tag, but can use recipient, subject ,etc.)

–> First do the corrections


Then do the Sync:

  1. Move Mails with tag X into the folder X
    (same as regular task, but now on all folders)
  2. Move mails with empty tags into Inbox (attention after untagging! many mails)
  3. Run message filters on folder

B) Repeat steps 1. and 2 .when needed

C) Do task A again for all folders ( incl. Inbox!), 2nd time

D) Theoretically we could continue doing it many times.

Examples NOT DONE


  • when click on Search Folder TAG = LOCATION (subfolders are allowed)
  • Search Folder: All emails have same location
  • Search Folder and Physical Folder: Have many mails, more than 100, otherwise there is a problem
  • Search and physical folder: no emails with 2 different tag in Folder –> Solution: Untag message, run message filters on the folder (location)
  • Physical Folder: no emails with empty tag in folder –> run message filters, if does not go away –> Move to inbox



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