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We plan to run two different sites that are based on RSS feeds. An RSS feed is a list of texts that refer to a post on a blog. These couple of lines of text are called “teasers” or – in WordPress terminology – the excerpts.

As opposed to other RSS feeds and RSS plugins in wordpress we will import the teasers contained in the RSS. This gives two advantages:

  1. Performance gain, instead of loading the excerpt from a third-party web site, we simply load store the teaser as post on our site(s).
  2. We can decide what to do with the posts (aka teaser). We can translate it into different languages with google translate and/or a translate plugin.


The feed site will be will be one of the different feeds, namely the Swiss macro news feed, for



We use 6 feed syndications, similar to the ones I created in feedly., one for each button.

IF we use Feedly, then all of the feeds have problem with permissions and the content is not visible. We have to find a way in which we can use the feeds.
The old posts from have an older date and will not be on top of the site. snbchf is only one feed of many.




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