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Sites and Certificates


Comodo from Namecheap – $20 / yearly,  since Dec 2016

Free Cloudflare Certificate – Free, since Dec 2018

There is no any big difference between the two of them.

  • Apparently there is a problem with the certificate: Details outstand
  • The certificate does not require to be extended (for a new year)

What about expiration, is there a difference?

  • Cloudflare – never expire
  • Comodo – renew every year


Free Cloudflare Certificate – Free

The certificate is wildcard and cover all subdomains.

Using since: Nov 2017

Swissmacro, Promoteauthors, WP-Pro Dorgan

Free Cloudflare Certificate – Free

The certificate is wildcard and cover all subdomains.

Using since: Nov 2017



None of the sites is working at this moment

Certificate Providers

Comodo Essential SSL

Provided by Namecheap

SSL installation costs: 6 hours

SSL yearly costs: $18.88 / yearly

Renew date: 20.12.2019

Using since: Dec 2016

Cloudflare Wildcard SSL

Provided by Cloudflare

SSL Installation costs: None

SSL early costs: None

Renew date: none, it does not expiry

Wildcard: Yes

Using since: Nov 2017


If we change our CDN to the free CloudFlare (or paid one), we can use absolutely free ssl on all our sites. No need of IPs, server configuration, paying something or anything else. We only need to change to the CloudFlare certificate.

SSL Installation

These steps are valid for Comodo SSL certificate.

The steps are:

  1. Buying the SSLs. SSL provider: Namecheap
  2. Adding the needed information about the owner of the certificates and the site.
  3. Waiting the provider to create the SSLs
  4. Activate them. The SSL will need 4 hours to be activated.
  5. Install it on the server
  6. Setup the VESTA to work with the SSL
  7. Setup the site to work with the SSL


Aprox. time per server: 1 day


Where do you put the code for the server?

More information about the code on chapter “Codes in Vesta” and on Vesta page.


IPs per SSL Certificate

Only one IP per SSL Certificate

The technology doesn’t allow and it is not build in that way. You can use only one SSL on one IP address. This is the technology.


Reference: info.ssl.com

SNBCHF: One IP with its SSL

Ecoblogs.org: One IP with its SSL

We currently have two ip addresses on which we can install 2 ssl certificates. We will install 2 certificates – one on SNBCHF.com and one on ecoblogs.


Codes into VestaCP

VestaCP documentation

We enter SSL codes VestaCP.

This is done under Web -> Editing Domain.
We enter

  • SSL Certificate
  • SSL Key
  • SSL Certificate Authority / Intermediate

Setup Vesta

Setup Vesta - Click to enlarge

SSL Expiration

SNBCHF site was not opening. Due to expired SSL certificate.


The SSL was expired and stop working anymore.

We had to buy a new SSL and execute all of the steps described in this page. The SSL is the same as the old SSL. Comodo Essential SSL Certifacte by Namecheap.


And additionally we turn on the Cloudflare SSL certificate (free certificate) to be sure if our main certificate expires, the SSL from Cloudflare will still work and the site will be still open.

Do we have two certificates per site, or one?

For SNBCHF we have two certificates

For rest one




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