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L80 Accounting

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This is the mother page for all invoice and accounting related stuff.


How does accounting work?


Step Title Proper way of doing Alternative ways Software aided
1) Setup FX rates:

  • Obtain Official FX rates from Swiss tax authorities
  • Do FX Rates setup (e.g. in Banana)
  • Choose base currency

Accounting Schema:

  • Choose an accounting schema (in Banana)

Date Format:

  • Prefer YYYY-MM-DD, like 2019-01-19
FX Rates:

  • Maintain FX rates in an Excel
  • Transactions converted into base currency in the Excel


  • Do not set up foreign currencies
  • Only base currencies
2) Collect supplier bills When bill is obtained:

  • scan if required
  • move into tax declaration folders
  • Label with payment account, date, amount
  • Go through old mails
  • Search for keywords like invoice, rechnung
  • identify if this bill is for company or private
  • Details in Trello Card

  • Connect your suppliers
3) Collect client invoices GetmyInvoices:

  • Connect your invoicing platform
3) Prepare payment accounts Pay invoice with business account

  • Revolut business for foreign currency
  • UBS Y account for CHF booking
  • Paypal with connected Revolut Business
  • other company credit cards

Export account statement for accounts into Excel

  • Export account statements for all accounts and credit cards
  • Identify if this payment is for company or private
  • Match payment against invoice


3) Prepare Accounting Excel Copy the account statements into the Accounting Excel

  • one sheet for each account
  • same columns in all sheets
Same as left except that

  • there are more accounts (including private ones)
4) Fill additional data into accounting Excel Add additional columns for accounting to Excel statement

  • Purpose (Company, FX conversion)
  • FX rate: obtain from FX conversion entry (e.g. Paypal), if in different currencies or from official exchange table of the tax authorities
  • Local currency amount: Convert amount into local currency, if required.
  • Invoice: Yes, No, Scan if scan still required


Same as left except that

  • There are also private and other purposes.
5) Prepare accounting plan For each payment account

  • Create exactly one booking account under 10XX

Categories: e.g. costs, income, assets, liabilities

  • Verify the needed categories / cost accounts according to your business
Same as left
6) Enter bookings into bookkeeping software For each row create booking

  • Copy paste accounting text from step 4.
  • Copy paste date from step 4.
  • Use FX rate from step 4 if foreign currency if bookkeeping software allows for it. Otherwise use local currency amount as determined in step 4.
  • Choose the category
  • Choose the payment account
Same as left
7) Do final bookings Enter final bookings like

  • Capitalization of intangible assets
  • Depreciation of assets
  • prepayments
Same as left  
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