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We used the template supernova for the feedsite, currently tested on swissmacro. The template is good and we just need to configure it.

Examples for decision where pragmatic capitalism and Russia Insider

First Layout


Design changes

The posts need a picture

 Replace the following by Follow Author Light:

By Author Replace by Follow Author Plugin

Replace by Follow Author Light functionality:

Replace Author Keith Weiner with Follow Author Plugin

Remove Popular and Recommended Posts

Remove Popular LatestRemove Recommended

Rename Categories into “Blogs”:

The name of the categories will be the names of the blogs.

Categories Austrian Replace by Blogs

Replace Previous, Next Post with Previous/Next Post for this Blog or leave it completely.

Remove Previous Next Post

Font in posts view should be the same as Overview, here it is far too small.

Font is too small

How do we show “full story” inside the posts exactly?

Requirement: Set Text (Post) = Text(RSSTeaser) + “Full Story” + link to the blog.

????The full story button is core WP functionality and there is no any connection with Syndication plugin. Our template now support “full story button”, so this functionality is ready.????

Example from ForexFactory:

ForexFactory post

Example of feed post


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