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W73 Tiny Table (MCE)

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Videos and Pics

Tiny MCE

Tiny MCE is a plugin that allows to enter HTML tables more quickly.

Tiny Mce Gui
Tiny Mce Gui

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Tiny Table Class

Image with text on same line:
Image takes only small part of the screen

IPad Small Image with Text
G73 IPad Small Image with Text

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Tiny Table Class

The tables require a new class “tinytable”.


Tables inside Tables

Table not shown on mobile

Apparently It happens when we use tables inside tiny tables.

Problem with table in tinytable

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SNB Result

Now we introduce a new class called “snbresults” which fix this issue.

We have an adaptive css for tables, but they work with 2-3 rows and columns. We had to introduce a new class for tables like snbchf results.

How to call the CSS class:

<table class=”snbresult” style=”height: 106px; width: 396px;”>

CSS Code of the Class:

.post-page-content .tinytable .snbresult {
width: 100% !important;
.post-page-content .tinytable .snbresult tr td {
display: inline-block !important;
width: 19% !important;

.post-page-content .tinytable .snbresult tr {
border-top: 1px solid #ccc;

.post-page-content .tinytable .snbresult tr td:first-of-type {
width: 25% !important;

Solution screen with new class
Solution screen with new class

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How to use

Introduction of the tiny table class: Replacement

For this sake, we must replace all occurrences of the table HTML with the new class. An example is the following.


To be sure that the class exist everywhere.

Replace Table Format
G73 Replace Table Format

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One Single Table

(no trello card)

Trello Summary: Empty

We use one single tiny table inside a post.

  • Cut Table Row from not wanted part
  • Paste Table Row where you want to put it.
  • Adjust size for image column (typically 650 pix for 1100 table size)




Font Sizes


Redesign Heading

Redesign Heading Tables

Video Link to Trello

Trello Summary: Empty

 Heading Sizes inside Tiny Table

  • Chapters remain H2 Underscore, empty line (br)
  • Sections: Old H4, new H4, same font add empty line (br)
  • Sections: Replace H4 by H3 (regular expression)
  • H2 or H4 copied from wordpress.com very often –> Manual Task change into H5, Bold (as default in CSS)
  • George: Review the sizes, page
  • Media title, currently same as H4, remains same as H4, reduce size
  • Review size inside Tiny Tables

Styles for all Headings

.entry-content h1,
.entry-content h2,
.entry-content h3,
.entry-content h4,
.entry-content h5,
.entry-content h6,
.comment-entry h1,
.comment-entry h2,
.comment-entry h3,
.comment-entry h4,
.comment-entry h5,
.comment-entry h6 {
color: #333;
font: bold 21px “Open Sans”,arial,sans-serif;

Overview of Page Layout and Headings

Source: Own creation - Click to enlarge

Heading 2

.entry-content h2,
.comment-entry h2 {
border-bottom: none;
font-size: 20px;

Limit Image size
G37 Limit Image size

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.entry-content h4,
.comment-entry h4 {
font-size: 15px;

Plugin Suggestions for massive Images
G37 Plugin Suggestions for massive Images

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Heading 5

.entry-content h5,
.comment-entry h5 {
font-size: 14px;
margin-top: 20px;

Heading 5
G37 Heading 5

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Paragraph Bold

.p {

color: #2c2b2b;
font-family: arial;
font-size: 12px;
line-height: normal;
line-height: 18px;




Tiny Table Icons

Icons for Tiny Table

build Icons for Tiny Table, confluence style

Icons Confluence

. - Click to enlarge









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