Ma43 Thunderbird Version (Migr)

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This page ONLY about Thunderbird versions (not add-on version, this is Ma44, Add-on Versions).


Videos and Pics

Find Old Version

Video name: Thunderbird Find Version and install the old versions

Video Link to Trello

Detailed Checklist:

  1. Find old versions for download –> Better on Thunderbird page to have versions.
    Download here
  2. Save existing version DONE is copied into Forced Portable folder –> PortableApps\ThunderbirdLatest
  3. Stop Thunderbird from doing updates
  4. Go to Tools –> Options –> Advanced tab –> Never check for updates
  5. Install Thunderbird 52.7. (from 2018/05)
    PortableApps\Thunderbird52.7 (forced Portable)
  6. Make Shortcut C:\Dropbox\portableApps\Thunderbird52.7\thunderbird.exe -profile “E:\!!Thunderbird\mainprofile”
  7. Test 52.7 version with the add-ons (need computer with copied profile on e:)
  8. install other old versions less than 60.x NOT DONE , highest 52.9. into dropbox
  9. pay attention with firewall
  10. add it temporarily in tinywall
  11. Test60.0, probably contains a major change that invalidates our add-ons

Install on Dropbox

Video name: Correct Thunderbird Version on Dropbox 

Video Link to Trello  (video: private or public?)

Summary or Detailed Checklist:


Video Name: Thunderbird Links Correct Name and Profile Link

trello link

  • Open every installed version one by one and check for their versions
  • Version of Thunderbird must be in sync with the name of the shortcut and folder
  • Once you open one version of Thunderbird
  • Go to Help from menu –> About Thunderbird
  • There is shown the version of Thunderbird


Thunderbird 59 Portable got upgraded to V67: Restore V59

Thunderbird v59 got upgraded to v67
Thunderbird v59 got upgraded to v67

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Mozilla Crash Report
Mozilla Crash Report

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