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W75 Auto-Table Creation

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Page no: W75


Automate tiny Tables and Caption

This is a functionality integrated in FeedWP or Syndic Tools, or both.

Preferred FeedWP, a process that is run at the end of importing a post.


Indicators for creating new rows in the tiny table

Indicator 1 (swissinfo): H1 – h6 starts a new row   –> Chapter title

Indicator2 (bawerk): Image finishes the old row

if there is no text, but post starts with image –> little problem


  • Bold text in a row, all bold
  • low number of words —> Chapter –> create new row before

See this post as example –> How to identify things that … would go into a new row, it is a new chapter

How to identify things that belong to the caption?

Often we see text behind the image but it should be part of the image as caption or alt.



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