PRIV E99e Author Go-Live Old Bugs

Page no: E99e

For these old bugs, we need to check if they still occur of if they are fixed

T29: Excerpt has format problems

We are reloading posts because the excerpt contained the full post.

This time we have another bug: The excerpt load ignores formatting.

Example Lighthouse Investments

What can you do&nbsp;if your investment thesis is not working? Look at the arguments of the opposing camp, see if they are convincing or if your train of thought is holding up. Whom should we hear for the case against gold? You can&rsquo;t take so-called &ldquo;research&rdquo; from investment banks. They are (best case) clueless, as &hellip; <a href=””>Continue reading <span>Gold: Religion or Salvation?</span> <span>&rarr;</span></a>


Example Market Monetarist

Recently the communication from the Federal Reserve seems to have become more hawkish. It all started on July 15 when Fed chair Janet Yellen testified in front of the&nbsp;House Financial Services Committee. Yellen among other things said: &ldquo;If the economy evolves as we expect, economic conditions likely would make it appropriate at some point this [&hellip;]<img alt=”” border=”0″ src=”;blog=28026974&amp;post=6883&amp;subd=marketmonetarist&amp;ref=&amp;feed=1″ width=”1″ height=”1″>


T28: Fix history of Project Syndicate

Low prio: Copy posts manually.




T27: Footnotes not copied

Example ECB

–> Trello

T26: New videos missing

On Mark Thoma:

T25: Broken Pictures without Ampersend URL

Broken Link in Bank of Japan

maybe GIF is the issue

On Noah Smith:

Milos will be working on future broken pics

T24: Broken/Missing Pictures with Ampersend URL

In the broken pics above some contain ampersend, relate also to hot linking.


Mish (macro)

On Roger Farmer:

On Greg Mankiw:


Milos will be working on future broken pics

T23: Feeds to be corrected

Austrian: Mercatus Center: Since 8 days no articles, but feed looks good.

Cheerleaders: Brad De Long, Nick Rowe: Both Typepad

Goldhammer: Posts got deleted, only one post now OPEN

NIck Row: Canadian initiative

T22: Picture too big

The first picture is shown far lower in the page because the related posts take too much space.

We should reduce

  • The size of the related posts part, preferred
  • If possible, the size of the initial picture

Milos will still work on it.

Initial Pic too big


T20) URL are not updated for Swissmacro


They are on German

The URLs must be updated for all blogs with our plugin

Niki: We need to add German list and it will work correctly

T17: Massively big image on related posts

on London School of Economics. (see pic)

OPEN — > Trello

T17: Massive Image on Related posts


T14: Quote special character not translated

“&rsquo;s” occurs in many but it must be a quote ‘




DONE on Central banks/ECB

Massively Big Image
A95 Massively Big Image

- Click to enlarge

T13) VoxEU and Project Syndicate authors

On these blogs, most important authors write. We need the author pics and bios quickly. You can copy the bio from the original site.


Ongoing and Trello

T12) Category Picture are too wide

We aim that all category pics have more or less the same size.
We want to show our Economic Blog picture on top and not half of the page “FT Alphaville”.

So you must shrink the pic to the right size, maybe you need to use two rose to display the title.

Not OK:

Cat Too Wide Nok
A95 Cat Too Wide Nok

- Click to enlarge

This is not OK, too wide


Cat Too Wide ok
A95 Cat Too Wide ok

- Click to enlarge

Nearly OK:

This pic has already 3 rows, it is slightly too big.

3 Rows Slightly Too Big
A95 3 Rows Slightly Too Big

- Click to enlarge

NOK, you must change this into two rows:

This cat pic from Project Syndicate needs to be put into two rows. The pic we use has no name it, this is bad.

DONE, rest by Milos

Into Two Rows
A95 Into Two Rows

- Click to enlarge

Change into two rows

T0) Copy Posts from not working feeds

Austrian: Coordination problem

Cheerleaders: Brad de Long

–> Trello


T3) Post contains a video or audio

They essentially contain a video or an audio, but this is not copied to ecoblogs.

I set all posts for private. this must remain in the future., until we load the video/audio and fix the issues

Mostly FIXED

Same here on Heterodox


But it work on Mish

T5) Important Authors without pic or bio

Samuel Bryan



DONE by Milos

T6) Body Pic instead Face Pic

No Body like here (take the face on the page)

No Body
A95 No Body

- Click to enlarge

No furniture (Sarah on Europeans)

User pic good, category pic bad

Max Keiser use this pic and smaller:

Steve Keen


T7) Comments are enabled on Syndication for many posts, but should not


Posts are imported via FeedWP with “Allow Comments” On

this overrides general settings that they are off

is on, e.g. here on syndication

despite discussion setting off


Allow Comments on single pages


T8) Post too short

here on Stockman

First problem solved:

Strange Print and PDF

Stockman DONE

Project Syndicate only shows excerpts and not full posts.


Example here

Not done (still)

(mostly) DONE

Content Long Enough
A95 Content Long Enough

- Click to enlarge

N1) Mises United States

Mises United States has

  1. strange text “Search | Mises Institute × Error message The page you requested does not exist. “
  2. not existing posts or
  3. Not existing link in “View Full Post” button

Not done

N2a) All posts assigned to one author

But they are multi-author blogs

Category Bankiervereinigung:

Not done

N3) dot is a seperator for words in URL


title:Taking Corbynomics seriously…and stop giggling at the back there

Bug: The plugin did not seperate into “seriously” and “and”

Finally both words are stop words and need to be removed.

Not done –> Trello

N3c) Remove duplicate words inside URL

Example here

Not done –> Trello

N5) Missing Categories


: category missing in Austrian menu

RBNZ: Missing in Central-Banks menu

Rad: Done

N6) Subcategories are not assigned

Posts must be assigned to both category and subcategory

Currently this works only for category. This is wrong

Subcategories Not Assigned

Single-Author: All 91 posts must be assigned to Wolf Richter - Click to enlarge

Single-Author: All 91 posts must be assigned to Wolf RichterThere is probably a syndication rule missing, because it work for Megan Green on European.

Works for Economistmeg
A95 Works for Economistmeg

- Click to enlarge

Please add for all single-author blogs also a subcategory

This may be fixed after Google-Go Live, Important but not urgent

Not done –> to Trello

N7) User pictures: Faces, No Sun Glasses, Beautiful like Passport Photos

Partial done, Rad can’t find better


See more for E9x Old Ecoblogs Testing