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Tasks on snbchf and ecoblogs

1) Security: Failed logins

We store any attempted login in the admin panel. We make regular checks how many hack attempts we have for the last 2 weeks. Sometimes the plugin stops working. So we also check if it works correctly.

failed login

Bi-weekly: Failed Login

2) Security: Hidden backend

Check if hidden backend is enabled.



Backend WP Admin is not allowed

Bi-weekly: Hidden backend

3) Security: Brute Force- Whitelist

The backend of the blog(s) are secured with an IP Whitelist. Only registered IP addresses can log inWe need to check that this Whitelist works.


Test if different IP (not from IP list) works for login

  • Step 1: Login into the server with a Whitelisted IP on one browser
    Step 2: Delete own IP address from the White List
    Step 3: Try to log in with a different browser. The expected result is that the login attempt is rejected for this IP.
  • If the login attempt is not rejected, we need to report this as bug.
    An example of a bug is here on the WP support pages.


Check if IP Whitelist is enabled for economicblogs.org

Brute Force Whitelist

Bi-weekly: Brute Force Whitelist blocked access

4)  Whitelist

4a) Copy Whitelist into all blogs from Whitelist page.

4b) Test if George-FB is working, otherwise change the IP


6) Table format

For our tables in the site, we use plugin called TablePress. We already had some style changes of the design of the table. Sometimes on update the changes disappear. We monitoring all our tables and if the code disappear. we restore it.

Example here on snbchf.


Bi-weekly: TableFormat

7) Broken links

We use a plugin called Broken Link Checker, which monitoring every day all the links (internal and external) in the site. We check the number of the links and put them in report.

The doc for fixing broken links.

Broken link

Bi-weekly: Broken Links

8) Attachment pages

All media files, we added had a single page called attachment page. Sometimes (after updating the Yoast SEO Plugin) the attachment pages

We check if the attachment pages (of media files) are fine. Working fine, titles and descriptions are okey, too.

Attachment pages

Bi-weekly: Attachment pages

9) Feeds

Rss feeds are important part of every website. We have to maintenance our and be always perfect. We have to check, if every post have excerpt. We also have to check about the limit of the feed.


Bi-weekly: Feed

10) Width and Height proportions

One of the most important thing is the right proportion of Width & Height. Our template by default has different style for proportions. We need to correct the template every time when it is updated. We regularly check, if there is any problem.

Width and Height proportions

Bi-weekly: Width and Height proportions

11) Upgrade Plugins and WordPress to latest version 

Upgrade WordPress to latest version, provided that this version is not brandnew. It should be at least one week old.

Check that we distribute our plugins on all sites – Our WP Installs and Versioning


Regular Upgrade

Bi-weekly: Regular Upgrade

12) Backup of Mailpoet Newsletter

It needs to be copied regularly, because it is easy to delete it in the backend.



13) Export imported tables

We should export the imported tables from Tablepress, which are: Doc task table and Author go live table

14) Check disk space and Restart it

We need to monitor and take actions, if the disk space is more than 60% of disk space of the server.

Servers must be checked and restart their services (apache, nginx, mysql etc.) once a month for good working.

disk space

15) Make posts private for private categories in macro

Make all posts private for private categories (Ritholz, Big Picture) in macro.

16) Test of all tag archives for economic graphs, see Link

Execute Copy Tags from Media into Posts for SNBCHF.

17) Test the newsletter, desktop notification
follow, unfollow processes

On this subpage





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