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This is page for Videos inside media library and how we tested it.



Video and Pics

Unattached images

This module is responsible for Media Library. Current settings is to monitor unattached images and to deal with them. It shows unattached for 7 days and total number of unattached. With one simple button we can delete all unattached.

Unattached images
Unattached images

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Regular Media Library check

Trello Regular Task Testing Ecoblogs

Regular Media Library check

  • Go into Media Library and test 3-4 pages (about 1 week ago) (example url: https://central-banks.economicblogs.org/niko/upload.php?paged=1)
  • Are there unattached images, images without author, author Todor?
  • Test:
  • If there is unattached images
  • Images without author
  • Author Rad?
  • Broken or small images

Unattached Images:

Using WP Dashboard this task is fully automated now.

More information about WP Dashboard here.

  • Introduce a new page: WP Dashboard
  • We will have a page called Unattached images, which will connect to all DBs (the same as StopWords)
  • From this page we will have BLOG NAME, Unattached images, Unattached images in last 7 days, Delete unattached 7 days, Delete all unattached
  • With just a simple click, we can delete all of them


Too many unattached images into our websites.

The reason is sometimes when a post is syndicated we download the images twice. This leads to duplications. Once the image is added as attached to the post and a second image is unattached. We have the images twice.

Simply delete the unattached images.

See more for E5x Syndicated Blogs Testing