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PRIV R31 Overview

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  1. Skimmability
  2. German Text
  3. tags
  4. Links: Internal, External
  5. Graphs per Post –> R2x (media)
  6. Breaking Posts into 2

Style requirements

1. Skimmability

Doc pages have the following requirements for styles. This increases the skimmability, which is the readers’ ability to quickly read an article, to skim it.


  • We use H2 bold with underscore for chapters
  • We use H3 bold without underscore for smaller sections, also combined with images, see below
  • For smaller images use parallel images with text –> image left, text right
  • and a featured image exists
  • and some important tags are there
  • captions (properly styled) and alt texts on images

Create chapter headings with the content in some words (both German/English) for each chapter. A reader should be able to skim a chapter. You may move the text a bit from chapter to chapter.
See a perfectly skimmable text  

(not done by me)

and first Marc Meyer text that is skimmable



2. German Text to the bottom with chapters

Move Entire German text to the bottom, add the chapter heading

3. Add Tags

Tags are keywords, referring to important content.22

Tags can be compared with the index of a book:  Each item in the index displays the page numbers where that word or phrase is used, allowing you to quickly locate them.

Tags are a method of picking out specific details about your posts and creating a simple way to sort your content by that single piece of information.

add tags

4. Use internal links

Replace external  links to his earlier posts on InsideParadeplatz with links to the translated text on our site

How to add links?

When editing texts, you can add links and enter search text.

Insert Link

5. Add 2 graphs per post.

Add two graphs to the post, one of it is the featured image, the field on the right side in the editor.

Featured Image

6. Consider breaking posts into two

Having chapters give you the possibility to break posts into two.



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