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R107 Atlassian Confluence and Links

Page no: R107

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How to set up a site

Step1: Create account

Step2: Log into account and goto “Buy”


Step3: In the next screen choose “Try” on top menu and not “Buy”

Buy Try Atlassian
Step4: Choose Confluence Try Try Confluence


Log in the newly created site

Under this link we log into our Atlassian site

Login Atlassian

Open the page

Copy page into our confluence and provide page link to Rad

Use this Glossary page, login with Niki’s account

The images might not work because they come from another confluence site.


Rad Step1: Add anchors for all chapters

Edit provided page.

For about half the page, the anchors are still wrong or missing.

What is a Chapter? An anchor followed by H3 Heading. You only see the anchors when editing.

For all chapters in Heading3 (here Settlement Engine) modify the anchor with edit.

  • Use the Word before the brackets . Hence not “(SE)”, but “Settlement Engine”.
  • Always use capital words: “Settlement” and not “settlement”
  • For missing anchors, simply copy the old anchor.
  • The anchor is directly before the H3 text

Correct Anchor

Correct Anchor

Correct Anchor

Wrong Anchor

Wrong Anchor, needs correction

Step 2: Add links for all bold italic text

There are about 700 bold italic text, only for bold italic!

Bold Italic Words
add a link for all of them: Use # to mark it as link.

The #Market-Side Account will link to the anchor defined in step1.

Insert Link

Step3: Test links

Click save.

Go on a link and look if the cursor moves to the chapter.

A newly created link

A newly created link


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