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Status is used only on sprint boards ,not on backlog or priority boards.


Explanation Screenshots
Status/Area Explanation Comment
Checklists_Created This status is applied automatically when you move a card into the _Create Checklist column. Checklists Created means the task is ready to be merged.
Merge_cards_Required team must merge the cards, usually two cards are together Action Required
Merge_Cards_DONE This status is applied automatically when cards are merged. The status is changed on Master Card. Might not be need, because it goes directly into Planning
Planned This status means the task is ready to start working on. Has due date and everything inside is explained. This has to be chosen manually. Start working
Team Questions This status means that team has not understood everything and has questions about it. Manual set. Answer Required
Requirements Clear This means that team understands the checklist and what has to be done. for now not used
Feedback This status means there is feedback after reviewing the task. Manual set. Action Required
PageNo/Link Issue This status means that the PageNo custom field is not filled or link to the doc page is wrong. Action Required
Not All Checkboxes clicked This status means that not all checklists are clicked. When checkboxes are not clicked this means the task is not done. Action Required
Missing Doc This status means there is the missing doc page number in the title. Action Required
Doc on Page This status means all documentation about the task is already uploaded to our doc page. Task done
Doc on Card This status means all documentation about the task is still in our Trello card. Task done

Forward Ways:

Color Long: Red –> Orange –> Grey –> Orange –> Blue –> Green

Color short: Grey (Planned) –>  Green (Doc on Page)

Status does not reflect checked boxes or checked due date.



Way back is possible, when George says that doc is missing or missing link.



Name Explanation On front of card
PageNO Write down the page number. YES
Consumption Write down the consumption time which has been taken to do the task. YES
Feedback George writes feedback inside this field. Mostly for him. YES
Estimate Write down how much time would take the task to be done. YES
Videos Write down how many videos do we have related to the task. NO
Video (text field) Fill with the correct path to Latest Sprint Folder. NO
Text on Page OK This checkbox means that there are no red text or missing screen on the doc page. YES
Signed_Off This is mostly for George. When this box is clicked by George, this means he has reviewed the task and accepts the task as done. YES
Status see above YES

Other Custom Fields
Other Custom Fields

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