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News Aggregation

Problem Summary

In our days world, information is abundant. Too much information is flowing around us. However, one might be interested only in particular things and ignore the noise.


Solution Summary

Good bye information overload.

We provide a solution to obtain only the information that the reader is interested in, switching off the noise and distraction that for example a Google search would lead to.


Example customers:

  • Authors and influencers: Want to focus on the information about themselves from various sources.
  • News agencies: Want to get in-deep background information on various selected topics. Support in content creation.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Want to get client feedback on their products. Keep feedback information stored.



The following are examples for competitors.


Noise Avoidance Keyword Focused Multiple Formats Content Type Automatically
Newspaper /
Website Support
Google Search  No No Short excerpt + Links No No
YouTube Subscriptions Yes, partially No No, only videos Full content
(possibly transcripts)
+ comments
Yes No, only youtube
RSS Readers (e.g. Feedly) Yes, partially No No, only text/HTML Excerpt + Links Yes No
RSS Aggregator Yes, partially No No, only text/HTML Usually Excerpt + Links Yes
Paper.li Yes yes, but manual editing needed No, only text/HTML Excerpt+Links Yes Yes, manual editing required
City Falcon Yes Yes No, only Twitter text Twitter + Links Yes
Our proposal  Yes Yes Yes:
Text, Youtube, Amazon books, Youtube comments
Instagram, Twitter, Podcast optional on client-demand
Full Content
Possible *
Yes Automatic 
Website Creation
Amazon Books


Why Us?


Functionality Enhanced functionality compared to competitors.
See above.
Costs to Build Low cost programming location.


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