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1-Click Admin Access

Do you maintain a record of usernames and passwords of all your WordPress dashboards? Time to get smarter.

1-Click Updates

Update all your WordPress sites, plugin and themes in a single-click.

Backup & Restore

Backup all your WordPress sites in a single-click.

Install, Migrate & Stage WordPress

Your all-in-one WordPress deployment package.

Install a fresh instance of WordPress

Installing a fresh copy of WordPress has never been easier. Enter path, db details and hit Install.

Install, Migrate & Stage WordPress
Install, Migrate & Stage WordPress

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Scan for Malware

Safe-guard your websites from hackers and malware.

Bulk-scan all your sites at once

Scan all your sites at once and view infected sites in a single view.

Scan for Malware

Scan for Malware - Click to enlarge

Uptime Monitor

Sleep peacefully knowing your site will never sleep

You can select different parameters to monitor your site ranging from basic parameters like ping-to-check, keyword trigger or by setting advanced parameter such port access.

InfiniteWP will send a notification mail directly to your inbox with the reason why your site went down. It will also send a mail when the site is up again.

Uptime Monitor
Uptime Monitor

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Client Reporting

You care about your clients’ website & business. Let them know.

Sending periodic reports to clients about the status of their website and business is essential. Apart from letting them know that you are on top of things, it also serves as a tool for accountability and transparency.

This is why it shouldn’t be a chore that you put together at the end of the month but a detailed breakdown of work done and provide insights to your clients about their business.


Client Reporting
Client Reporting

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Regular checks

  • Go into InfiniteWP on this link (Login data in Keepass)
  • Go on Manage -> Plugin & Templates
  • For every single webiste added in the dashboard
  • Click on it (it must be marked in green)
  • Then click on Load plugins
  • A list of plugins will appear. Compare the list with P06.
  • The same list must be on both places.
  • if missing, go in admin panel of the blog and activate it


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