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S21 Author Sales Problem

George Morgan
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Page no: S21

Audience: Authors and Influencers: Economics / Investment

  1. Content only on personal website (and sometimes YouTube)
  2. Content not seen in other locations (Europe vs. America)
  3. Stand-alone, isolated website
  4. Not seen enough in social media, ageing content
  5. No focus on the sales pages, on the author’s value proposition
  6. If want to publish in other sites (back-linking) then manual effort is needed


  1. Content published on other sites
  2. Discover new audiences
  3. Published together with colleagues, subject comparison, tags
  4. Automatic publishing in social media
  5. Focus on Author Profile and sales pages
  6. Content (posts, videos) automatically re-published


Audience: Existing sites that republish the content



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