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Login as Admin

[email protected]

 no screen

Change invoice

Task: Change invoice address from George to Softart.

Invoice Address

Change from George to E-llusion, write message

Credit Card

Change Credit Credit

 screen for new address

Change URL for Confluence

Steps for changing the URL for an existing Confluence site

Backup Confluence Site

the ending URL is /wiki/plugins/servlet/ondemandbackupmanager/admin
it begins with our site name

Backup URL for our old site

 screen needed

Create Confluence Site

Create Site


use this URL for our new site


Maybe you need to use a different login

The new site should be free.

Atlassian Confluence Create Site
O91 Atlassian Confluence Create Site


Import Old Site into new Site

the ending URL is /wiki/admin/import/importconfluencesite.action

This URL for our old site

Remove old confluence site

Tell Atlassian to remove the old site.

Sometimes we change site URL.
Reason: Used the site too much in the bank and upload too much content.

The bank knows the URL, it must go away.

We contact them with contact form.


Our support request

 Text of message
Dear Sirs,
We would like to switch URL.
I suppose
1) We create a new Confluence site
2) We transfer all content to new site/URL.
3) You close the old Confluence site. This should happen as soon as we tell you that we have finished 1) and 2)
Thank you for help
Contact Form ChangeConfluence Site Url
O91 Contact Form ChangeConfluence Site Url

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Trello into Confluence


Trello is blocked in the bank, I cannot access it. But Confluence is not, because the bank uses it too.

Currently George uses different ways for creating new tasks during the time when he is at work.

– Copy URL with task name into bookmark manager
– Export Chromebookmarks with task name into a Confluence page.
– Write a Confluence page that contain the tasks. Then the team must copy it.
– Zapier.com, write an email to [email protected] with a certain subject



We setuped a macro which is used in confluence to show trello directly in the confluence page.

Trello into Confluence
O91 Trello into Confluence

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