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AS13 SEO Keywords SNBCHF

Page no: AS13

Tasks SEO – Step Output

1 Niki Excel For all pages:

print Title
print tags (“old tags”)
print category

2 SEO Team Excel For all pages

What are the keywords?
(example: The relationship between Current Accounts Surpluses and the Carry Trade – SNBCHF.COM
gives keywords: “Current Account” “Carry Trade”)


3 George Excel For all pages

— Correct keywords –> will become new tags
— Mark some old tags for deletion (reason tag spamming)


4 SEO Team WordPress For all pages

— enter new tags into WP (as defined in step 3)
— Delete some old tags (as defined in Step 3)

5 SEO Team Excel For all pages find ranking for keywords

—- Google.com
—- Google.ch
—- Google.de
—- Yahoo.com

Tags: , ,

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