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  • Buy and Hold Investment
  • Active Strategies
  • Daytrading
  • Gold / Silver / Metals
  • Bitcoin / Blockchain

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  • Scam and Fraud —> Lawyers


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1) SNB 1)
dialect https://dialect.ch/feed/ Good
2020-09-10 Full RSS
1) None Wiesenda – snbchf.com

Feed Category


Feed Working

2020-09-10 Post
5 per year New and old
P:Economic Alpha https://economicalpha.blog/feed/ Good
2020-12-27 Post 1) Maechler, Zurbruegg, snb, Swiss National Bank, Switzerland, Zurich, Swiss Franc, Credit Suisse, UBS EconomicAlpha – snbchf.com

Feed Category

Feed Working

All fine

1 post every 3 months New and old
https://www.finews.com/news/english-news?format=feed&type=rss Good
too big for a client
2021-01-22 Post 1) SNB, Swiss National Bank Finews.ch on SNB – snbchf.com


Feed has filters with keywords, currently there are no keywords in last posts, that’s why we are not loading posts. Feed works good.

Feed Working


1 post
not possible

Verification link
I found 5 posts
  New and old
The Epochtimes https://www.rss-nachrichten.de/rss-verzeichnis/ Post 1)  – which feed you want, they have many feeds? – George Review it Feed Not Created
Finma https://www.finma.ch/de/rss/news/ 2021-01-21 Post 1) None FINMA: News – snbchf.com Feed Working 5 per month new only
Wiwo. SNB Filter, how many posts, do they write regularly, do they have tag? –> Cannot get the feed Not possible
Fintechnews (from twitter) https://fintechnews.ch/feed/ 2021-01-21 Post 1) Swiss National Bank, SNB Fintechnews
Feed Category
Comment: Posts are not loaded, because there are no posts with keywords “Swiss National Bank” or “SNB”
Feed Working 0 New and old
Financial Secrecy Media Monitor (from twitter) https://financialsecrecymediamonitor.
2014-11-13  – very old content Useless, Dead
3) Swiss Market and News
Michael Bischof from
Inside Paradeplatz
https://insideparadeplatz.ch/author/mbischof/feed/ Client? 2019-08-27 Post 3) None Michael Bischof – snbchf.com
(exception, multifeed)
Feed Working
0 New and old
Michael Bischof from
his website
   1)        Michael Bischof
Michael Bischof – snbchf.com  no RSS
3a) Health      
Corona News
Mein Bezirk
https://www.meinbezirk.at/rss 2021-01-22 Post 3s Corona, Covid19 Corona News Mein Bezirk



Feed Working 3 posts per week about Coronavirus Only after Georgereview
All posts back to review status
Corona Circus https://coronacircus.com/feed/ 2021-01-05 Post 3a.) None Corona Circus


Feed Working 1 per month New and old
Pharmazeutische Zeitung www.pharmazeutische-zeitung.de/fileadmin/rss/pz_online_rss.php 2021-01-22 Post 3a.) Corona, Covid19, Coronavirus (new)
Pharmazeutische Zeitung

All posts contain Coronavirus as a keyword. New filter is added.

Feed Working 1 per day Only after Georgereview
Back to review status
Swiss Info Health (Tag Based) Post 3a  
4) FX    
Pipsologie https://www.pipsologie.com/feed 2021-01-22 Post 4)   Blog with links to other sites –> Ask Niki Not possible
5) Global Macro  
Brown Brothers Harriman
https://www.mindonthemarkets.com/feed/ 2021-01-21 Post 5) Tag RSS: SNB Brown Brothers Harriman
Feed Category
Feed Working 1 per day new only
Richard Koo can’t find blog for this author Not possible
Michael Pettis https://talkmarkets.com/contributor/Michael-Pettis/rss/blogs 2020-12-01 Post 5) George Review it Feed Not Created
6a) Gold, Bitcoin  
https://smaulgld.com/feed/ 2021-01-21 Post 6a) None Smaulgld – snbchf.com

Feed Category


Feed Working


1 per day new
SRS Rocco Report https://srsroccoreport.com/feed/ 2021-01-22 Post 6a) We can’t get the full articles – wants money Not possible
Fintechnews https://fintechnews.ch/feed/ 2021-01-22 Post 6a) Blockchain, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, altcoin, cryptocurrency Fintechnews Feed Working 4 posts per week
Monetary Metals https://monetary-metals.com/feed/ 2021-01-21 Post 6a) Full RSS 6a.) Monetary Metals Feed Working


1 post per week
6b) Austrian  
https://scholarium.at/feed/ 2021-01-21 Post 6b) Comment: Viennese School of Economics for investors –> this is not a blog site Not possible
Friedrich und Weik https://fw-vs.de/blog/feed/ 2021-01-11 Post 6b) None Friedrich und Weik

Feed Category

Feed Working


1 post per month
Merk Investments https://www.merkinvestments.com/ does not have RSS Not possible
Querschuesse https://www.querschuesse.de/feed/ 2021-01-22 Post 6b) Ask for profile/money Feed Not Created
Austrian Center https://www.austriancenter.com/feed/ 2021-01-22 Post 6b) None  Austrian center Feed Working 4 posts per week
FFF https://www.fff.org/feed/ 2021-01-22 Post 6b) None The Future of Freedom Foundation

Post from 2012 to be copied???

Feed Working 3-4 posts per week
mises https://www.misesde.org/feed/ Unknown Post 6b) Was wrong feed URL, please correct IMPORTANT
9) Personal Investment
Invest With An Edge http://investwithanedge.com/feed 2020-09-09 Post 9) None https://snbchf.com/category/personal-investment/invest-with-an-edge/




Feed Working


7 post per year new
Philosophical Economics http://www.philosophicaleconomics.com/feed/ 2020-09-09 very old content
Real Investment Advice https://realinvestmentadvice.com/feed 2021-01-21 Post 9) None https://snbchf.com/category/personal-investment/real-investment-advice/


Feed Working


1 post per day New, working
Swiss Banking Lawyers http://www.swiss-banking-lawyers.com/feed/ Client 2020-08-27 Post 3) None Swiss Banking Lawyers – snbchf.com Feed Working 5 per year New + old
Investing Hero https://investinghero.ch Client 2021-01-06 Post 9) None Investing Hero – snbchf.com Feed Working


2 post each 3 months New + old
Mission money https://mission-money.de/feed/ Good Content 2021-01-11 Video 9) .de has feed, .org has not Feed Not Created –
Only video feed
New + Old
V: Fintool Fintool Youtube Feed Good Content
2021-01-21 Video 9) None Fintool – snbchf.com

Feed Category

Feed Working 2-3 videos per week

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