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The second major improvement that comes with author go-live are the author profile pages.

In the user Wpadmin backend we foresee new fields which are shown inside tabs.

The author archives are moved from

example: https://austrian.economicblogs.org/author/tyler-durden/

to: http://austrian.economicblogs.org/author/tyler-durden/articles  They contain the longer excerpts.

While the orginal page

http://austrian.economicblogs.org/author/tyler-durden/   contains the author profile in tabs design.

Tabs Design

Here we can use tabs plugins or do it ourselves.
Since the data is our user data, it is probably better to create our own tab design,.

Tab Design

Example for a Tabs Design

Author Profile Pages on IMDB

Author page on IMDB

The following picture from IMDb wants to make writers more important, similarly as movie stars. We will add for the most important authors.


We create a similar page with Born when and where and short bio, short rating, some photos. Then we have different tabs for:

  • Full Bio (take it from Seeking Alpha)
  • Articles (on ecoblogs)
  • My Books
  • Video Presentations (e.g. youtube)
  • Ratings
  • Major Keywords (based on tags)
Author page IMDB

Author profile pages on Amazon


The My Books tab is the most important one, because the author will think that we help him selling his books. Therefore we will need a picture for each of his books in this tab. We certainly use our Amazon seller ID and a link to Amazon.

Author page Amazon

Author page on Amazon

My Books Tab: Author pages: Amazon

Author Profile on Seeking Alpha

But our major example is Seeking Alpha.

The Profile page has different sections like About, snapshot, my company, my blog.

All articles, Instablog, StockTalks and Comments link to subpages of


like http://seekingalpha.com/author/george-dorgan/articles

and http://seekingalpha.com/author/george-dorgan/comments

We foresee for now only the subpage “articles”.

Seeking Alpha

Backend: User Settings


Currently we have the Follow Author Pro by PromoteAuthor LLC settings inside the user dialog.

We would add another section with all the required fields for the tabs inside the Author profile pages by PromoteAuthor LLC settings.

One field is the bio, for each tab there will be another field.


Authors want to gain public attention. Social media offers a lot of possibilities. Authors may gather followers with different channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, the Russian Vkontakte or financial channels like Seeking Alpha and CFA Society.

Requirement A: Follow Author plugin

We want to create a plugin that can be used in any website. I will show the author’s picture and the relevant follow buttons for this author. In the WordPress dashboard one should be able

  1. set the author’s photo
  2. to specify the URL for the follow button for different social channels. We foresee about 10 different social channels.
  3. The position of the picture and of each follow button.


Design Details:

Point 3 gives the WordPress admin full flexibility to adjust the plugin to his/her needs.
It is desirable that for each author the positions may be different, because the follow channels are different for each author.


The Follow Author will be realized with a plugin here.

author pic


Requirement B: Share buttons Light

Authors want that their texts are easily shared. Therefore we improve the existing share possibilities.

Facebook Twitter Linkedin


Requirement D: Tweet Automatically by E-llusion

We would like to extend the existing functionality of the Tweetily plugin so that more than one Twitter account (authors) can tweet on one blog.

The following shows the existing backend.


We show different ways to enable multi-author-tweeting here.

Moreover, we want to extend twittily as a so-called functional extension of a plugin.

Twittily Backend

Requirement E: Pictured Category Containers

We would like to show the photo of an author on different “containers” inside the WordPress blogs. For this sake we develop a plugin that shows the photo on different “containers”.

Containers are:

  • so-called “page building blocks”

Page Building Block with recent posts


  • on widgets for this category and

Widget without Thumbnails


  • on category archives.


On our economicblogs page, authors correspond to categories.

Archive only with Author Pic and Author Bio


Requirement F: Author Site Map

We must improve the author site map for our blogs.

Best ideas from TalkMarkets




Enable comments

Following the idea of TalkMarkets, we can enable comments and give the readers the freedom to give their opinion. It is also unique content for our site.



Enable comments on Ecoblogs

Enable comments on Ecoblogs

Author box as widget

We can introduce a new widget box into the sidebar of SNBCHF & Ecoblogs. This will give us more space to add more information about the author and bigger image. It will not take space from the text.

Estimate: 16 hours


Author widget box in sidebar

Author widget box in sidebar

Become contributor

This is very important. We should introduce users – registration and log in for different contributors, so they can submit articles without our FeedWP. This will be unique content and will make our site more unique. This will also populate our brand among the Eco authors. We will be a mini-social network. This is the first step and we definitely need to work in this direction.

Estimate: about 40h


Related authors

Low-hanging fruit! We can introduce a new widget called related authors. It is the same as related posts, but will show authors, which are similar to the author of the article.

Estimate: About 1 day for all blogs


Related authors

Related authors

My Dashboard & My Network

This is a personal feed, based on the user interests and a list with followed authors. We should work on this direction, too.

Personalized feed

Personalized feed


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