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When we create new attributes in the User GUI, we create new social channels.

This is by our Follow Author Pro Plugin.


This table describes the fields used by different plugins on the WP Usermeta tables. Hence a combination of

  • Meta_Key: The name of the new attribute
  • Meta_value: One value of the new attribute

For each new attribute value, we need a combination of a meta_key and one meta_value.

For our plugins, there must be GUI screenshots for the new  meta ID.

For other plugins we can combine several attributes into one screenshot




WordPress uses the table WP_Usermeta for additional fields that plugins may need for user tables.


Usually one row per attribute,


WP Users Meta Table

Attribute Name Format (Value) OurPlugin used..by…Plugin Functionality GUI ScreenShot
basic_user_avatar Serialized array Follow Author Pro N/A Add the functionality for uploading avatar for every author  
 donate_button  Text value  FeedWordpress  Sahifa and Graphene template  This is the custom link, which we plan to use for donating for every author. It is old functionality.  Not used currently
sn1 – About me
sn2 – My site
sn3 – Twitter
sn4 – Facebook
sn5 – Google +
sn6 – Youtube
sn7 – Vkontakte
sn8 – CFA
sn9 – Seeking Alpha
sn10 – LinkedIn
sn11 – Amazon
sn12 – WordPress.org
sn13 – GitHub
sn14 – StackOverflow
sn15 – My books
sn16 – EconomicBlogs
sn17 – Wikipedia
Text Value  Follow Author Pro N/A These are the social networks for every different user

Follow autho pro GUI490


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