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We plan to run many different sites (aka subdomains) that are based on RSS feeds. An RSS feed is a list of texts that refer to a post on a blog. These couple of lines of text are called “teasers” or – in WordPress terminology – the excerpts.

As opposed to other RSS feeds and RSS plugins in wordpress we will import the teasers contained in the RSS. This gives two advantages:

  1. Performance gain, instead of loading the excerpt from a third-party web site, we simply load store the teaser as post on our site(s).
  2. We can decide what to do with the posts (aka teaser). We can translate it into different languages with google translate and/or a translate plugin.


The feed site will be economicblogs.com

Feed Site is a Sophisticated RSS Feed/Blogroll

It is a feed site is based of a collection of RSS feeds, a so-called “feed syndication”.

  • six pages or subdomains, one for each feed syndication
  • on each page 6 buttons to change the feed syndication and go to another feed page/subdomain
  • many posts/teasers that are situated in the DB – if we use subdomains then in different WP DBs
  • The feed display is re clearly ordered by publishing date, newest on top, like any RSS feed
  • colours are white similar to pragcap.com
  • design not similar to snbchf.com


Swissmacro.ch will be one of the different feeds, namely the Swiss macro news feed, for economicblogs.com

Blogroll or Newspaper?

Eventually we obtain a sophisticated blogroll, that could be an automatic newspaper for the best authors inside our 8 economic areas.

Differences between blogroll and our concept

  1. Performance: A blogroll based has a performance issues, because it is always loading new posts with the RSS feed. But we import the posts excerpts during the night. This has a slight disadvantage, because our posts might be late.
  2. Design: With our pictured category pics we have clearly a better design that enforces the visibility of the authors
  3. Administration: Easy design update through functionality on the WP backend with our pictured category boxes plugin.


First layout of the feed site

Each feed site possesses a couple of different button like Alternativeeconomics.co

Example based on Alternative Economics

Alternative Economics
We eliminate all menus and widgets from our snbchf.com backup. We delete all pages from the backup and maintain only posts.
We only maintain a tag cloud, that is enabled later. It will link to snbchf articles, once the keywords are correct on snbchf.com (outstanding SEO work).

Data Feeds

We use 8 feed syndications, similar to the ones we created in feedly, one for each button, we have seen above.

We rejected to use Feedly itself, more on the page about the choices of the feed import alternative.
The old posts from snbchf.com have an older date and will not be on top of the site. snbchf is only one feed of many.


Graphical Design

We have several views on the feed site:

  1. The feed overview and main page that lists all the posts from all blogs and gives the chance to choose another subdomain.
    it is a syndication of all blogs (all categories). It contains the so-called “page building blocks”.
  2. Category/Blog Archive: Is one blog/category only
  3. Subcategory Archive: Is one author / Subcat only
  4. Post View: It is one single post.

We certainly will have also author archives and blog archives (still to be examined).

Example for buttons

First Design: Example for buttons and the feeds

First Design: Feed Overview with Supernova

The first design of the feed overview was the following:

We used the template supernova for the test on swissmacro. The idea comes from pragcap.com

We will need just to change the sidebars, add the right content, fix the menu and put some time on style settings. The template had powerful option panel in which we can do most of the things.

New Design: Sahifa

In Sahifa, we can use page building blogs. This will be very useful for emphasizing authors inside so called “pictured category boxes“, a new plugin that we develop. More on Sahifa here



Category/Blog Archives

This will be used on snbchf.com, too.

Post View

We will use the full functionality of our Share Button Light and Follow Author Light plugins.
The My articles” button will relate to economicblogs.org and not to the external blog.


Our Archives Follow Author Light

Same design as snbchf.com

Example1: Post Design Same as SNBCHF.com The texts might be slightly different.

Posts Same As SNBCHF

Posts are shortened and can be commented


We will also be able to add comments to this post. The text of the post is shortened and followed by “full story” and a link.


Example2: ForexFactory

ForexFactory has also a feed but imports the posts in the DB. They allow for comments.


 ForexFactory as post


Questions on the design

Question1- we can enable similar posts (yarp plugin) and show different posts on the same subject

– we can translate them and use as we want (for example popular posts)

the category is the blog where the Post Comes from
or the author
and we can have categories
for example: alternative economics
and there we have 5 authors
yes, typically one blog has one author
so the user can sort by two types:
but this is the new trend: One blog and many authors
category and author (blog)

Question 2: the only problem is that we will have big db after 1 year

we can purge the db?
this is Zerohedge’s problem too
he creates archives
biggest problem for zerohedge is writing, in particular comments

Question 3:  therefore we must Limit write Access to the blog

can u remember when I had Website in the US ?

he had performance issues because of the delay from Client to server
when I was writing and users were reading

write Access should be only from Germany or Switzerland, Close to the server
but not People from Arizona, like our Gold guy

Question 4: Show RSS feed or copy them?

George: I suggest to copy them, this has two Advantages:
1) After the first view, we have better Performance
2) We can translate them

the first view should be an Import during the night

1) It is not on first view, it will be with cron during the night or twice a day
Ad 3) You want to say: we can put post Content into a widget, but not the RSS Content
is this true? or is there a plugin that can put RSS Content into a widget?


Steps for work

  1. Find and install template on clean WP – Sahifa
  2. Setup the template and the plugins – Sahifa and syndication pluging
  3. Compare all the plugins and choose the best one – Safiha
  4. Configure import configuration plugin and import
  5. Add the 18 links per subdomain and feeds
  6. Add all the authors and their social channels


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