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Send Mail with Server and SMTP


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Send Mail

Server Location: Germany

We tried to send a test email with different content than the newsletter. Still blocked.

Link to SNBCHF backend

The newsletter plugin is not sending mails anymore. It gives SMTP Error that the data is not accepted. Probably because the text is the same.


SMTP Test mail problem

MailPoet SMTP is not working

Test on Thunderbird
But we still facing issues with the SMTP sending emails. Currently we sent about 600 mails per day with the same content and this probably is too much for Gmail.

Location: Swiss, Bulgaria

Thunderbird issue with SMTP

: Same chapter again but other screens, needs orders

On both Thunderbird installation the SMTP is not working. We can’t send an email from there.

Thunderbird uses pop-up for SMTP validation.

This typically solves the SMTP problem, unless we do not send too many mails per day.



Duplicated Newsletter/Mails

Mailpoet letters are sent via gmail, but there are often duplicated newsletters.

Issue solved

We moved the Mailpoet to premium. I fixed one potentially problem with second run of the script. According to the logs, now the newsletter is sent only once to email. Without access to some email addresses, we can’t do anything else. The template and our custom code are working fine with the premium version.

My suggestions to improve our newsletter are:

  1. Stop sending via Gmail and start using our server, with the risk that it is considered as spam more often.
    Our server is the SNBCHF server. The server from where we host the site. We have two servers – one for ecoblogs, one for snbchf. We can use our snbchf server for mail provider.
  2. If the duplicates newsletter continues, we can start sending the newsletter manually

We finally remained on sending via Gmail.


Gmail SMTP

SMTP Blocked

Gmail SMTP got blocked

Reason: Sending too many mails

Effectively we go a quota excess with more than 500 emails per day. Apparently we are slightly over the gmail limit.




Wait 2 days to see if our SMTP will be unblocked.

Probably not this time. Before the SMTP was unblocked when we did the SMTP confirmation on Thunderbird.

Emergency Gmail

Make a backup Gmail in emergency cases

2: Cleanup Subscribers

Remove subscribers –> Clean them up.
Only a short-term problem, until we go over 500 again.

Apparently we got a lot of new readers recently.




3: New SMTP Provider

Get rid of Gmail and start using different SMTP provider

Server SMTP

Get rid of Gmail and start using the server’s SMTP tool. We can install and setup a SMTP server on our server, where the SNBCHF & Blogs are hosted.

In order to enable the device we need to click on this page:

Mailpoet Device Enable


Sending With Gmail Doesn’t Work… What To Do?Reference: Mailpoet support


1. Google’s security system has blocked the IP of your server

Google security system is actually pretty cool, if somebody gets his hands on your Gmail’s password, well he won’t be able to do much, unless he is using your IP address.
Why? Because when Google spots an unusual IP address trying to connect to your account it will deny it access and will send you an email and eventually a text message on your mobile phone.

When you send a test email from MailPoet’s Settings and you get the following message : “SMTP Error: Could not authenticate. | SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP host.” then you might be entering this case scenario.

The email you will receive to notify you of that unusual access will be as follow :

Allow new IP’s in Google accountIn your case when you setup your site to send with your Gmail account, you want to allow a new IP to use your Gmail’s credentials.
In order to allow a new unrecognized app simply go to https://security.google.com/settings/security/activity, find the line that concerns you and allow access.
2. Your host is blocking some outgoing portsIf you’re trying to send from Gmail and it doesn’t work, rest assured your problem is common. Especially if you’re hosted on a shared server (hosting plans which cost a few bucks a month).

To verify, go to MailPoet’s Settings > Sending Method and try to send a test with this button:

Check to see if you get this an error in which “Connection refused” is displayed, like this:

This means your host is definitely blocking the port needed to connect to Gmail’s SMTP service.

Gmail Policy Violation After Move to Mailpoet
CM04c Gmail Policy Violation After Move to Mailpoet

- Click to enlarge

: Limits of Gmail

This time the problem was different. We had a restriction from Google due to too many sent mails per day. They suggest in their help section to wait 24 before we start sending mails again. It was not related to the server, or something else. If it was related to the server like the last time, the problem would appear when we change the server. It was a problem before we change the server.

What I did is to stop all attempts to send emails for 24 hours. Then everything goes to normal.

Information from Gmail Help Section about our problem


After 24h of waiting, the sending process is working. Our Gmail account is working fine.

Google Blocked Access for Server

If the port is blocked, what can I do?


You’ll need to switch sending method. Try sending a test mail with the sending method “Your own website“.

The limit of emails you can send from a shared hosting plan varies. See our list of limits.

Alternatively, we recommend getting a professional sending provider. They are cheap for small senders, require a bit of a setup, but offer the best deliverability. Read more on SMTP providers.

Sending limit with Gmail

When we start sending everyday the newsletter and reach the Gmail limits for sent mails per hour, they consider our newsletter as spam. They see that the email is the same and we sent it to 300 emails and they consider that we sent spam. They don’t like that we use them as mail provider for sending newsletter.


MailPoet: Gmail issues and considering us as spammers

  1. Make proper configuration of our server and start using snbchf server as mail provider. This had to be done by SYSADMIN. Then we will not have limits and we will not have problems with mailpoet any more.
    not taken
  2. Switch to different newsletter provider – like MailChimp or something else. We can make a research about free mail providers.
    not taken


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