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This page is about the stop words function inside the WordPress Menu, under Run Tools.

rather from the user perspective.




Date Range

Choice for date range of posts and pages 

Users will need to specify the date range or category of stop words changes, similarly as Media Tools does.



Posts, Pages, Books – all are supported.

Books valid input? yes

 Date Range Stop Words Pro


Remove Stop Words

Button: “Remove Stop Words” for all posts/pages

ReA button allows to remove all stop words for all posts and pages. The process is a little bit long. It depends of the added posts, but most of the time is between 2 and 5 minutes.

 Remove Stop Words

Restore URL

Button: “Restore old URL based on titles” 

The user may decide to restore old URLs for all posts or all pages.
This overrides the URLs based on the words in the title. Then all stop words will be again in the URL.

Restore old URL based on Title


Additionally I need the fields
Stop Words Found: This lists all the stop words in the old slug

Key Phrases Found: This lists all the key phrases in the old slug


Stop Words need new Fields

  • Stop Words applied
  • Keyphrases
  • Tags



Last month not show from Y01.

Syndic and Stop Words end month does not show posts, still does not work.


Now this bug is fixed in the last version of the plugin.






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