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Video Upload & Summaries



Video and Screens



Put video where George writes video in red text.

Video name: Copy video name to the blog left side

Video Link to Trello: with Link behind it to the Trello card
(write no Trello Card if there is none or not found)

Trello summary: Copy all (doc) checklists or the ones that seem to be doc.

(details in the chapter below)

When there is no one, write:

  • no Trello Summary or
  • Trello Summary: Empty

It is OK when the trello summary uses Problem, Solution.

Video Name Video Link to Trello Trello Checklist
Video Name Video Link to Trello Trello Checklist


Video Link to Trello

Trello Page Link

Each videos needs a Trello Card (if available)

  • Put link to Trello card –> Must be on Top. 
  • Trello Link must exist
  • Trello Link must have page number
  • Page Number in Trello must be same as linked page

The Trello task that is linked must have the same page number as the page itself.




Upload Order

Media in Blog Upload Order

(no trello card)

Trello Summary: Empty

Where to put?

Video Name:

Video Link to Trello:


  • Gives Overview of Video Link to Trello
  • Red Text
  • Explains all text below on Video Link to Trello
For all pages on which we are working in the sprint.

(1) Click on Video Link to Trello

(2) Change the Page number in Trello, same as page.


Place for Video  Link to Trello

Video Link to Trello Card

do not put the Trello Card Link to the top of the page

Video Link to Trello Card
M44 Video Link to Trello Card

- Click to enlarge

Video Link Left Side of Each Video

but on the left side of each video

Video Link Left Side Of Each Video
O48 Video Link Left Side of Each Video

. - Click to enlarge

Trello Number same as Page Number


Video Visibility

Video name: Video Visibility

Video Link to Trello

Video explains about new videos in Vimeo, which we are uploading. They should be Public not Private.

  • (public) or
  • (private): means only visible from our blog.

If missing, ask George


Doc existing public,

Private, only from site settings from Vimeo

  • All new videos are public by default
  • Team can suggest to make it private (like when George forgets)
  • (private) for only visible from our site

Vimeo Settings for Visibility of Videos
Vimeo Settings for Visibility of Videos

- Click to enlarge

Where to put video

Find Red Text

Red Text for Videos

(No Trello Card)

Trello Summary: Empty

George usually write a red text for places where the team must put the videos.


The Team replaces the red text with the video from Vimeo.

Naming of Trello Link Items

Video Name Video Link to Trello Trello Checklist

  • Keywords Name
  • Video Name
  • Trello Link
  • Trello Summary

Those are the 4 things that every video should have.

Each video has keywords, which we should take and create H4 name of the tinytable row. After that we should write the video name in paragraph, bold. Then if there is trello task, we should place Trello Link. If trello task has checklist which is not dummy, we should add it to the doc site.

Video Name Video Link to Trello Trello Checklist
O48 Video Name Video Link to Trello Trello Checklist

- Click to enlarge

Cleanup: Old Videos without Video Link to Trello


For old videos (e.g. Thundebird) we do not have the summary text on the left side. But George has created Trello task for it. Inside the video you see how he writes the text into Trello

Example video

  1. Search the Trello Task
  2. Copy the text from the task into the left side of the video
  3. copy screen for the Trello Task if task text changed a lot
  4. Move the Trello task into right Backlog and List.
  5. If it is a regular task put into regular board

Search Trello Task for the video


Video Summary and Short Summary

Trello and Own Summaries

Merge Trello and own Summaries

Video Link to Trello

Short Summary
  1. Put title of the summary, like Short Summary or Trello Summary: This is only a help, finally no trello summary.
  2. You can put Trello Summary and short summary (it is just a help.. you can also use different fonts), in particular when things are missing in Trello but that exist in video.
  3. When video talks about checklist that is on other Trello card, try to find it and link it.
  4.  If the video talks about the checklist on other trello card, this video is the second part of the video. For Example: Second Part of O45
  5. Synchronize the summary you have written with trello checklist.
  6. After synchronization, remove the trello checklist item.
  7. Use numbered list for the summary., maybe when many items

Video Summary

Create Summary Left Side of Video

(No Trello Card)

Trello Summary: Empty

Summary is always on  the left side of video.

Screenshots in second row.                                                      

Often it makes sense to make a screenshot from the main part of the video; then create two rows (one with video, one with screenshot).

But often George has already created the summary and the screenshot for you.

Summary Part 3

Understand how to use summary part3

(No Trello Card)

Trello Summary: Empty

Another example on how to make a good summary

It also summarizing the whole three parts of the video.

It is talking about the trello tasks and what need to be done and how the trello tasks. It also has a comment about O06 page.

Manual Summary

  • Write manual summary for the recent videos when the Trello summary is missing.

Manual Summary
O49 Manual Summary

- Click to enlarge

Summaries for Old videos


  • Only listen in: Beginning, End

Summaries Old Videos
O49 Summaries Old Videos

- Click to enlarge

About this page


Videos on Blog Cleanup

Video Link to Trello

Trello Summary: Empty




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