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Bill Mitchell


Original Archive: Bill Mitchell – billy blog

RSS: bilbo.economicoutlook.net/blog/?feed=rss2

26.Jun.2018 30/30 No No  Yes US Economy, Labour Costs  Yes 1 per day 9/9 Single
  1. (c)Copyright at the end of every post
  1. CSS Fixed
/author/bill-mitchell Yes
Coppola Comment


Original Archive: Coppola Comment

RSS: economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=http://coppolacomment.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default

17.Jun.2018  30/30 No No Yes Bitcoin, Inflation, Banks  No 2 per month 4/4 Single
  1. Related reading: at the end of every post
  2. May 2017 – Missing feature image – Coppola – Immigration
  3. May 2017 – Missing images inside posts – Coppola – Immigration
  1. Different text for every post. Cant be removed automatically!
  2. We not have a pic in this post
  3. We can’t load all images.
/author/frances-coppola Yes
Concerted Action


Original Archive: The Case For Concerted Action

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=www.concertedaction.com/feed/

19.Jun.2018  30/30 1 per day 2/2 Single
  1. No problem with missing pics
  1.  —-


Original Archive: EconoSpeak

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=http://feeds.feedburner.com/espeak

24.Jun.2018  30/30 4/4
John Quiggin


Original Archive: John Quiggin

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=http://johnquiggin.com/feed/

24.Jun.2018  30/30 6/6
  1. Feb 2018 – John Quiggin – has a lot of needless text.
  1. RSS Grabber fixed.
Lars P. Syll


Original: Lars P. Syll

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=https://larspsyll.wordpress.com/feed

24.Jun.2018  30/30 No No  No No  Yes 1 per day 8/8 Single
  1. Jun 2017 – Code fragments in excerpt – Syll
  2. May 2017 – Excerpt doesn’t end at the end of a sentence/end with dot – Syll – Speech
  1. ???
  2. ???
/author/lars-syll Yes
Mike Norman Economics


Original Archive: Mike Norman Economics

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=http://feeds.feedburner.com/blogspot/ZHYAG

24.Jun.2018  30/30 87/102
Michael Hudson


Original Archive: Michael Hudson

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=http://michael-hudson.com/feed/

14.Jun.2018  30/30 6/6
Mosler Economics


Original: The Center of the Universe

RSS: economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=moslereconomics.com/feed/

24.Jun.2018  30/30 No No No No  No 1 per day 3/3 Single
  1. No problem with missing pictures
/author/warren-mosler Yes
Multiplier Effect


Original Archive: Multiplier Effect

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=http://multiplier-effect.org/feed/

01.Jun.2018  16/16 2/2
Naked Keynesianism


Original Archive: Naked Keynesianism

RSS: economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=http://nakedkeynesianism.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default

19.Jun.2018  28/30 No No  Yes Cassidy, Keynes  No 2 per week 3/3 Single
  1. Missing audio
  2. Naked Keynesiasm (spelling mistake),sidebar)
  3. May 2017 – Missing feature image –  Vernengo – Universidad Valladolid
  4. May 2017 – Redundant text –  Vernengo
  1. RSSGrabber fix. Works now for new posts with audio.
  2. DONE
  3. Fixed with RSS Grabber. Works now for new posts
  4. Fixed with RSS Grabber.
/author/matias-vernengo Yes
New Economics Foundation


Original Archive: New Economics Foundation

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=http://neweconomics.org/feed/

18.Jun.2018  30/30 5/5
  1. Apr 2018 – Link – taking also their share buttons.
  1. RSSGrabber fix. Works now for new posts
New Economic Perspectives


Original Archive: New Economic Perspectives

RSS: economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=feeds.feedburner.com/neweconomicperspectives/yMfv

22.Jun.2018  30/30 No No  Yes William K. Black  No 1 per day 2/2 Multi
  1. “SHARE THIS” at the end of every post.
  2. Featured Image not set
  3. problems with videos
  1. Removed with CSS
  2. RSSGrabber fix. Works now for new posts
/author/william-black Yes
/author/devin-smith No
/author/eric-tymoigne Yes
/author/l-randall-wray Yes
/author/joe-firestone Yes
/author/michael-hoexter Yes
/author/j-d-alt No
Pragmatic Capitalism


Original Archive: Pragmatic Capitalism 

RSS: economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=www.pragcap.com/feed/

24.Jun.2018 20/20 No No  No No  No 1 per 2 days 5/5 Single with Guest Posts
  1. Sentences about commenting at the end
  1. CSS Fixed for text
/author/cullen-roche Yes
Prime, Policy Research in Macroeconomics


Original Archive: PrimeEconomics

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=http://www.primeeconomics.org/articles/?format=rss

14.Jun.2018  30/30 1/1
Progressive Economics Forum


Original Archive: Progressive Economics

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=http://www.progressive-economics.ca/feed/

7.Jun.2018  30/30 4/4
Real-World Economics Review


Original Archive: Real-World Economics Review Blog

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=https://rwer.wordpress.com/feed/

25.Jun.2018 30/30 8/8
/author/david-f-ruccio Yes
/author/merijntknibbe Yes
Robert Vienneau: Thoughts Economics


Original Archive: Thoughts Economics

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=http://robertvienneau.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default

20.Jun.2018  30/30 1/1
Sergio Cesaratto: Politica and EconomiaBlog


Original Archive: Politica&EconomiaBlog

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=http://politicaeconomiablog.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss

20.Jun.2018 10/10
Socialdem. 21st Century



Original Archive: Social Democracy for the 21st Century: A Realist Alternative to the Modern Left

RSS: economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=socialdemocracy21stcentury.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss

08.Jun.2018  30/30 No No  Yes Bob Rowthorn on National Identity and Neoliberal Capitalism  No 1 per day 2/2 Single
  1. Tweeter link at the end of every posts.
  1. The unneeded text can be removed with script DONE
/author/lord-keynes No
The Angry Bear


Original Archive: Angry Bear

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=http://feeds.feedburner.com/Hzoh

25.Jun.2018  30/30 19/19 Multi
/author/dan-crawford Yes
/author/mike-kimel Yes
Thoughts for the Post-2008 World


Original Archive: Yanis Varoufakis: thoughts for the post-2008 world

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=https://yanisvaroufakis.eu/feed/

05.Jun.2018  20/20 6 per month 5/5 Single
  1. Jun 2017 – Image not loaded – Varoufakis
  2. Jun 2017 – Content breaks page’s design (CSS positioning) – Varoufakis
  3. Jun 2017 – Post can’t be opened because of URL – https://heterodox.economicblogs.org/thoughts-post-world/2017/varoufakis-%cf%80%ce%b5%cf%81%ce%af-2015-%ce%bc%ce%b5-%cf%84%ce%b7%ce%bd-%ce%bc%ce%b1%cf%84%ce%b9%ce%ac-%cf%83%cf%84%ce%bf-2019-%ce%bc%ce%b9%ce%b1-%ce%b1%cf%80%ce%ac%ce%bd%cf%84%ce%b7%cf%83%ce%b7-%cf%
  1. We can’t load all images
  2. Can’t fix this problem
  3. Problem with their URLs
Thomas Piketty




12.Jun.2018  10/10 1/1 Single /author/piketty
Ann Pettifor: Debtonation


Original Archive: Debtonation: The Global Financial Crisis

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=http://feeds.feedburner.com/debtonation

Not have new post  10/10 No No  No  No Bad alt text Last post is from 20.07.16 1/1 Single NO  —-
author/ann-pettifor Yes


Original Archive: azizonomics – Economics, Technology, Futurism

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=azizonomics.com/feed/

Not have new post 10/10 No No  Yes Bad alt text 1 / 14 days 1/1 Single
  1. Line of text which are tags formatted as a meaningless sentence.
  1. CSS Fixed for text
/author/john-aziz Yes
Baseline Scenario


Original Archive: Baseline Scenario

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=https://baselinescenario.com/feed/


Not have new post

 10/10 1/1
Credit Writedowns


Original Archive: Credit Writedowns Pro

RSS: economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=feeds.feedburner.com/creditwritedowns


RSS Not work

 30/30 No No Yes , , Bad alt text 4/4 Multi
/author/edward-harrison Yes
Economics for Democratic and Open Societies


Original Archive: Thomas Palley

RSS: http://www.thomaspalley.com/?feed=rss2


Not have new post

 10/10 No No Yes , , No Images 2 per month 1/1 Single
  1.  Just a little part ot original post are loaded. Lots of missing text.
  1. We can’t take the full content due to restrictions of the original blog
/author/thomas-palley Yes
Peter Cooper: Heteconomist


Original Archive: Heteconomist

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=http://heteconomist.com/feed/


Not have new post

 30/30 1/1
Philip Pilkington: Fixing Economists


Original Archive: Fixing Economists

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=https://fixingtheeconomists.wordpress.com/feed/


Not have new post

 10/10 1/1
Robert Skidelsky


Original Archive: Robert Skidelsky

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=http://feeds.feedburner.com/robert-skidelsky


Site not work

 5/5 1/1
  1. Jun 2017 – Robert Skidelsky – taking again “Share” button and “Comments”.
  1. RSSGrabber fix. Works now for new posts
Steve Keen


Original Archive: Steve Keen’s Debtwatch

RSS: economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=www.debtdeflation.com/blogs/feed/

There are no new posts  10/10 Yes No  No No  No 2 per month 1/1 Single  NO  —
/author/steve-keen Yes


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