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Table of contents

  • No regex any more, no final /
  • no double ||  –> search for it
  • Delete new keywords after copying
  • Capitalized words done? NOT DONE
  • Bad keywords done?
  • All cards must start with column header like CM1x or so.
  • remove s at the end when it is plural, not Portable Apps, But Portable App
  • use find s| to find plural s
  • Only special characters allowed are: äöü, ÄÖÜ
  • cannot not allowed: category, but SNB category
    not allowed: post, but SNB post



List Butler

List Butler Keywords
S00 Blog Sales s0|affiliate|donation|sub
S10 EasyBacklinks s1|backlink|SEO
S20 PromoteAuthor s2|
S30 PromoteAuthorTools s3|wpgeist
S40 Reputation Tools s4|reputation
S50 BeforeItNews s5|news
S60 Portable SW Packaging s6|package|portable
S80 Trello to WordPress s8|trello
S90 Founders s9|Founder