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Y71 Videos: Reload Data

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Page no: Y70


The functionality allows for reloading certain certain attributes for videos.


Name: Reload video data


Step1: Choose videos according to syndication tools standard functionality.


For each video selected by the user.
Load certain attributes: Currently implemented only:


This loads the categories from the user category

It is an internal “data load”.


Author Tag

We set a default tag for each video with the <first name> <last name> of the author.
The middle name should be included in these attributes (unless we have a better solution).


This matches certain tags of the video title and description against the tags on WordPress.

Full functionality to be defined.


not implemented yet.

When to Reload Videos

  • Case1: Wrong Search Key –> we are missing videos
  • Example: Andreas Beck (with Search Key: ETF)
  • Case2: Video Contributor that currently has only videos from his own channel
  • examples: Many on R80

How to reload videos

  • Step1: Remove search key
  • —- old videos (all videos published before today)
  • Step2: Under user press “Load Videos” button
  • —– Feed nothing to do
  • In the cases above the feeds are already created
  • FeedWP is using the Youtube search key
  • —- Duplication of videos
  • If the video already exists, they will not be duplicated

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