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#12 (Sales Follow-up)

Secure quantifiable traction with sales before the Mentor Idea Review. Follow-up on your previous sales activities, and measure the time allocated, conversion rates, financial spending and other metrics for each activity. Work to convert any of your sales prospects into actual customers. Write one paragraph on the lessons that you have learned, and provide a bulleted list of the data that you have gathered and analyzed through these activities. (3 Hours)

We have reached out for sales agents. We are using the following networks:

Which requires a minimum deal of 5000$ and 500$ per month.
This would be possible if we go with a price skimming strategy. Currently we are at 350$, half price of competitors.

Moreover we use the following networks for sales freelancers.
UpWork: Upwork, the world’s largest online workplace

Freelancer: Freelancer – Hire & Find Jobs
Fiverr – Freelance Services Marketplace for The Lean EntrepreneurWe are trying to employ Craigslist in the UK as well. The customer country could be anywhere in Europe
In Switzerland, we use sites like Ricardo or Tutti.ch
But also Freelancer sites like https://wetalents.net/ or Freelancer Schweiz
Moreover we started using XING and Linkedin.
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