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Archives Introduction

This video gives an introduction about archives.

  • Which kind of archives exist
  • How to create them.


Also useful: Yoast introduction for Archives


Pagination means that the archive shous

All archives should have pagination. Otherwise this could lead to performance issues.

Introduce Pagination for Author Archives


We had too many posts for this author and the page does not loaded until the end.

We introduce the pagination on all of the user pages. And it is distributed on all blogs.


We can introduce a pagination and show 20 posts per page? We will need no more than 2h.



Is this implemented on snbchf, too?

No, it is not.
Which software part, CSS, template or plugin?

It is part of a plugin, PA Author Pages plugin.

It should be Pictured Category Archives.

Pagination for Author Archives


We had a performance problem caused by missing pagination

We introduced pagination, for more see here.

Next Post on Archives


Task: Remove back to top, introduce a new widget

When we read a page on a mobile browser, we can only view this page. Then we must press “back to top” (which actually does not work).

After viewing one page and the feedback, and when the user scrolls down, then it must show the next page of this category.


problem I introduce a button on bottom of the page. When user goes to end of the page, we automatically go to the next page.

New widget under every page

Category Archives

  • ** Category Archive Settings **
  • – Show Author BIO: On
  • – Auhor Bio Text: The author
  • – Show category picture: ON
  • – Show category description: ON
  • ** Category Archive Testing**
  • Publication Date is shown and original publication date

Video Archives

  • ** Video Archive Testing**
  • Publication Date is shown and the one from Youtube
  • Verify against YouTube

Author Archives

  • – Show author bio: ON
  • – Author bio text: The author
  • – Show Author avatar: ON


See more for P5x Plugins for Categories