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PRIV D49 Technical Content Tasks (old)

Page no: D49


The following gives a list of content-related tasks, that Rad should perform regularly on the blog.



Technical Content Tasks:


1. Fix broken links

— On snbchf.com– On doc site inside biweekly

The doc for fixing broken links.

2. Fix broken HTML


Doc for fixing broken HTML

(done when required)


3. Spam Comments

Doc for clean-up spam comments

(done regularly)

4. Adding “All Posts on” for new categories

(done only sometimes)

Include newly created sub-categories in main and footer menu for snbchf.com.
Example: Gold standard has four sub-categories. We add the sub-categories to the menu and use the name “all posts on <name of sub-cat> .
Example screenshots:

Add Category to menu Both

New Categories created for Keith Weiner

Archives in Markets

“All Posts On” in the menu

5. Missing Excerpts

Pass through all archives.When you see inside these category archives that you have just created some like this:

it implies that the author forgot to enter the excerpt for the first post “Swiss Franc History 1986-1996”

Then you should edit the page and copy the meta description into the excerpt.

Missing Excerpt in Category Archives

6. Correct order

If the meta description is empty too, please write down the page number in this list here:

Align order numbers for pages according to the order in the category pages.
We start with the gold standard category.

Here the latest page is always on the top. This tells you the order. The latest page obtains the lowest number, older pages higher numbers.
We work only the latest 10 pages, usually order number 0-10.
Occasionally we will have to move all pages done with order numbers, so the pages with 0-10 move to 10-20, the ones with 10-20 move to 20-30, etc.

Wrong Order in Content Wizard

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